Maintenance Programs

Our plant care program is simple: we will care for your new or existing plants with a program suited to your needs. Our maintenance technicians are trained in all best practices associated with the Interiorscape industry. Watering, cleaning, fertilization and pest and disease control are all part of our guaranteed, plant care program. With healthy, vibrant plants, you have one less thing to worry about.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly maintenance programs dependent on your needs and budget.

Caring and compassionate, professional technicians.

Peace-of-mind guarantee.

Environmentally sound practices that reduce the carbon footprint.


Moving is a stressful endeavour no matter how well it is planned. Care must be taken when moving live plants. They are sensitive and must be protected against extreme, environmental changes and rough handling that can cause permanent damage. Whether upsizing or downsizing, we can ease your pain by carefully moving your existing plants and/or providing and entirely new green plan conducive to your new space.

Relocating comes with the challenge of trying to fit existing plants and containers into a new space. Size, light levels, container styles and aesthetics are unique to every environment and require careful consideration. Placing plants and containers must serve the ultimate goal of creating a healthy, vibrant green space. We will work together with you on the redesign your green plan by updating your existing plants with new containers, or creating a fresh, new look that better reflects the style of your new space.

Silk Plant Cleaning

Everlasting or silk type plants often attract and hold more dust than live plants. Many companies mistakenly believe that artificial plants come without the need for ongoing maintenance. However, without regular cleaning, these plants will quickly lose there luster and may cause dust allergies. Plantpros can provide a one-time or on-going cleaning service that deep cleans, providing a protective barrier that repels dust. Artificial plants can then be added to the live plant care program once they are properly cleaned, ensuring their ongoing attractiveness.


Toronto Maintenance Technician Caring for Plant
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