5 Simple Steps to Making Earth Day a Habit


When important dates come up on the calendar, we are more likely to participate in the event due to its anniversary. Take Christmas for example. Charitable giving is ramped up, matching the theme of the season, which is giving. Toy drives and food drives are abundant and we are happy to open our wallets and donate our time. But when the season ends, we go about our regular business and forget about giving until the holiday comes around again.

With the arrival of Earth Day for example, how many of us are more conscious of our recycling behaviour and energy use on this one particular day? What if we made simple habitual changes that eventually engrained green behaviours into our psyches over the entire year.

Here are five simple tips to help make you environmentally conscious at work everyday:

  1. Bring a healthy lunch in reusable, single-serving containers instead of purchasing
  2. Bring your own beverage container and mug for water, coffee or tea during the day
  3. Recycle paper: use scrap paper for note taking and print 2-sided documents
  4. Keep a work sweater or shawl available instead of plugging in an electric heater
  5. Finally, take a Biophilic Break, watch the video below and take time to celebrate nature and what we are all working toward saving.

Earth Day is a collective reminder of how we should act and behave throughout the year. Take the time now to ingrain these new behaviours. By the time Earth Day 2016 rolls around, you can begin again and create five new habits and increase your contribution to greening the planet.